HOWTO find missing headers

(The first in the many HOWTO posts)

Compiling a codebase on a different system often means you need to locate many libraries — which could have been already installed, but at different sites.

To find out where is mymissingheader.h in your system, there are several ways:

$ locate mymissingheader.h

Still doesn’t work? Maybe your mlocate.db isn’t updated?

$ find / -name mymissingheader.h

Maybe it’s not installed?

$ dpkg -S mymissingheader.h

If you’re sure it’s not installed and can’t remember what package would install it on your system:

$ apt-file find mymissingheader.h

(I currently work in Ubuntu and will update when I get to it)

Other possibilities:

$ yum whatprovides <fullpath>

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